Beware of oversizing!

Surely it is good to get the roof windows to the newly built attic as much light as possible. However, the entire ceilings cannot be easily transformed into glazed areas. This is not only useless due to the light, but directly damaging due to the heat loss in winter and possible overheating and excessive sharp sunlight in the summer. Even the world side should, incidentally, be taken into account when planning the layout of the ceiling openings!
Attention to the head
One of the typical negative properties of these windows is the risk of injury in a room that is not sufficiently tall in the case of flip-off types with a central joint. The protruding frame can cause dangerous injuries in the impact. Therefore, it is better to choose hinged types with hinges only on the upper side of the frame in the lower areas. They do not endanger children or adults, and they will fulfill their function at least as well as the central rotary types.