Lots of vodka

She shook her head, reached for a bottle of vodka, and once again poured an abundant dose into a glassed-up glass. Yes, it probably was pathetic, but what she could do to another. She reached for a few times on the phone to call her and try to talk her out of her marriage, trying to remind her how happy they were before it all became so insanely complicated. Before her parents, before the fiasco in the Lakeside Hut, before their work. They were so happy together… How could it have happened?
After years
Maybe it was still a whole rescue. She grabbed her cell phone and found her number in the list to click on the call icon, but the device missed it once. He thinks about it, snaps his cellphone, and does not gently put it on his desk. He will drink from the neck of the vodka bottle and shake his head. It won't fix it. The snow-white color of the wedding announcement is burned to the retina.