Problems with urating

Almost half of middle-aged men are afflyed by the residual prostate gland during their lives. It is a hyperplasia of the musculature of the prostate gland, which leads to narrowing of the urethra. The consequence of this phenomenon is the aggravation of excretion, the urine remains long stored in the bladder and this can lead to infection. It is not to overlook even minor problems such as burning, impaired and frequent urination or forcing. Find a doctor in time, everything can be cured without problems!
For men over 30 years
Problems with the prostate are related to both young and older men. But in the second appointed, it occurs more often. But if you belong to a group of younger years, do not let anything chance. Even with you, problems with the prostate gland can occur at any time and make your life more unpleasant! Therefore we recommend going to regular examinations and with any problem immediately go to the doctor.